This page is dedicated to anybody getting started in the world of music production. I hope you find my free guides and gear recommendations helpful! As always feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Gear I Swear By

If you're looking to get into music production and aren't sure where to start this is a great place for you to begin. The gear listed here are stuff I rely on on a daily basis to get the job done. These aren't the only options you have but these are pieces of gear that I trust for my own productions. 


Electrovoice RE-20

If we're being totally honest, there's no other microphone - perhaps no other piece of gear - that has gotten me so much bang for my buck, racked up so much milage. The reason for this is that this beastly dynamic mic is so versatile and always delivers... I've recorded kick drums, floor toms, guitar cabs, vocals and everything in between and it has never let me down. I oftentimes prefer it over an expensive condensor microphone in the studio. Check it out! 


Shure KSM 141

These pencil condensors are so pristine and "crispy." I absolutely love them as a stereo pair (or as a single mic) on sources ranging from acoustic guitars to pianos, drum overheads and choirs. I find myself reaching for these more than most of my microphones.


AKG C214

This is my favorite affordably priced condensor microphone. For the price-point I don't think you can get a better sound as far as clarity and versatility is concerned. Not only does it make vocals sound great (particularly male vocals), it shines on acoustic guitars, pianos, percussion and as a room mic on drums. It's also my first choice amongst my collection when recording strings, woodwinds and brass instruments. 


Miktek Cv4

A great tube condensor for under $2000, I find it sounds incredible on female vocalists and male tenors. Warning, this mic is not very forgiving, but on a great vocalist it sure does deliver!


Yamaha hs80M

These monitors are awesome at what they do for the price that they cost, namely that they show me what my recordings really sound like (for better or for worse). They are accurate and affordable, that's why tons of people use them. Link below is to latest version: the HS 8. Remember to buy two monitors!

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Sony MDR 7506

These headphones are awesome. I trust them when I need to know what I'm listening to during tracking and they don't bleed very much into the mic. They are also super comfy. There's a reason why these are basically industry standard.

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Zoom H4n handy mic

From recording rehearsals to on the fly sessions, this handy mic has helped me out in a pinch on many occasions. When I first bought this, it was my microphone and audio interface all in one. It's super easy to use, the one board mics sound great and it simply gets the job done. You won't regret buying this handy piece of gear.

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RME Fireface ufx

This audio interface sounds amazing. It's probably bigger (and has more inputs) than someone starting out would need but I would trust anything RME made. I have one of their preamps, too. It's pristine and accurate, exactly what you'd expect from this company.