Ben Wallick

Ben Wallick is a bass guitarist, music producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer based out of Jerusalem, Israel. He currently is the proprietor of his own music production company and strives to help musicians and producers navigate the murky waters of musicianship in the digital era.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Ben was always an avid music fan. His first real love was the Beatles, and Ben remembers till this day eagerly watching the Anthology videos on television when he was just a boy. At some point his parents directed him towards the piano, which he pursued for a few years until he made the switch to the bass guitar. Primarily an electric bass player, Ben nevertheless managed to pick up the guitar, get back into piano in a big way and even learn some upright bass along the way. He studied music theory and history in both high school and college.  Ben's musical influences range from Radiohead and Paul Simon to Charles Mingus. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Queens College in Flushing, NY. 

Since making Aliyah to Israel in September 2009, Ben has made his mark on the local music scene through his own music,  by playing in a popular wedding band, through his production career and through new and exciting up-and-coming projects. He currently resides in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife Aviva.