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Ben Wallick

Ben Wallick is a music producer and mixing engineer based out of Jerusalem, Israel. He strives to help musicians find their voice, sound their best and navigate the murky waters of musicianship in the digital era.

Ben grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where his parents helped guide him with piano lessons that eventually turned into bass lessons. His first real love was the Beatles. He remembers till this day eagerly watching the Anthology videos on television when he was just a boy. Primarily an electric bass player, Ben also plays piano and guitar on a regular basis and on his productions. He studied music theory and history in both high school and college. Ben's musical influences range from Radiohead and Paul Simon to the likes of Avicii and to the soulful hits of Motown. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Queens College in Flushing, NY. 

Since moving to Israel in September 2009, Ben has made his mark on the local music scene through his own music, by playing in a popular wedding band and through his production career. Since setting up shop, Ben has been privileged to work with the likes of Alex Clare, G-Nome Project, Ely Jaffe and The Portnoy Brothers - just to name a few. He currently resides in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife and son where he hopes to continue to expand his career with various new and exciting projects.